About Mardie’s Papers

Mardie’s Papers, according to legend, was a collection of Montessori articles — real ‘papers’, taken from Mardie’s personal┬álibrary — that she once loaned to a friend who, as a new dad, was grappling with understanding his child’s developmental needs. He then shared those ideas with his child’s teachers, his mom, and, well, the papers took on a life of their own.

The online version of Mardie’s Papers is similar — a collection of articles and links that explore a range of topics related to children and teaching like:

  • How children think
  • How teachers think
  • Teaching techniques and parenting tips
  • How to get the most out of your child’s school experience
  • The role of TV, video games, and technology in raising healthy children
  • and, of course, questions that you might have.

Mardie Hinkley has been working with children and their families in the Montessori pedagogy since 1992. She has her M.Ed. from Cleveland State and her diploma from the A.M.I. Montessori Education Center of Arizona. Although Mardie’s passion is working with the children and their families, she is also an accomplished lecturer, writer, and mentor of new AMI teachers.